Ngati Huarere
ki Whangapoua 

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January 2020
The rahui has been lifted from Motutere.
Signage is in place advising Motutere/Castle Rock is Private Property. Due to the deaths that have occurred we have asked that there be No Trespassing and advise that no liability will be taken by the owners for any accident, injury or death.

January 2019
The rahui is still active at this time. It is for the maunga only. The road leading to Motutere is not a part of the rahui.
Discussions are in process with regard to access which will be notified in due course.

September 2018

Motutere/Castle Rock
Following deaths at Motutere, Ngati Huarere have placed a rahui on their maunga. 
The area is private property and closed to public access until further notice.
The public is asked to please respect the restriction on this sacred maunga.

18 April 2013

Tony & I will be travelling to Brisbane to speak with our Huarere whanau on 18 May so set that day aside to come along and have a listen, ask questions and have a good time with the whanau. Kaumatua Tim Mangakahia has requested we inform our Brisbane based whanau of the Huarere status and he & Aunty Ailsa have kindly donated our airfares. 

18 May 2013
12.30pm start
Brigalow Country Community Club
Oliver Sporting Complex
Eagleby Park
Logan Street East
Eagleby 4207

We really hope you can make it. 
Arohanui Whanau :)

4 Feb 2013

Huarere is currently excluded by the Hauraki Collective and the Crown from the Hauraki Settlement Process. Both the Collective and Crown claim there are Iwi included within the Collective who can represent Huarere and our WAI 475 claim. We do not believe this is the case so we have applied to the Maori Land Court for a Section 30 to determine who the appropriate people are to represent us and therefore our claim. The Iwi represented on the Collective have undergone mandating hui to ensure the negotiators who are negotiating on behalf of their Iwi have been selected by their Iwi. We held our own mandating hui but were told we could not represent ourselves but that other Iwi would negotiate our claim on our behalf. We are an Iwi in our own right and want our own people to negotiate our claim not someone who we did not choose. This battle is continuing. We are awaiting the Maori Land Court to set down a date for the hearing. I will advise when we know the date.

We filed for a Resumption to the Waitangi Tribunal because some of what the Collective are claiming and planning to share amongst the 12 Iwi of the Collective, is included in our claim. ie Whangapoua Forest in which Riria, Mohi & Hamiora  Mangakahia had significant shares. This Resumption currently stands adjourned while we pursue other options. We will keep you updated.

The Kaumatua Kaunihera of Hauraki resolved that Ngati Huarere are reaffirmed as an Iwi of Hauraki. They also resolved to send a letter to the Hauraki Maori Trust Board (HMTB) saying they support the inclusion of Ngati Huarere on the HMTB. Both resolutions were passed unanimously. The HMTB will be voting on this item on Wednesday 27 February 2013. Huarere members are welcome and encouraged to attend this hui at 10am at the Paeroa Racecourse. This hui will determine whether the current Trust Board votes in favour of Huarere being included as an Iwi of Hauraki on the HMTB or not. For further details on this or any other issue, contact Wanda at or 07 866 7731 or 0211 668 233.

The Crown are aiming for settlement throughout Hauraki by June 2013 so we must keep advancing in every way possible. 
It is in your best interest and that of our entire Iwi and especially our mokopuna to support this kaupapa. The outcome of the settlement has a monumental impact on the future of us all.

Contact Wanda to find out how you can help.